Educating the Freeborn

What a gift to spend a morning with Cindy Rollins. Whether you were able to attend the webinar live, or received the replay link afterward in an email, I trust that every Disciplined registrant will find the same thankfulness I found — thankfulness that God has made me free, given me free children, and presented me with the opportunity to pursue education as free people.

If you are registered for Disciplined, and somehow the email missed you, please contact me at [email protected] so I can get that link to you. This is a webinar you won’t want to miss, especially if you are a homeschooling family. But regardless of your family’s educational pursuits, I think there are many merits to the things Cindy points out: that you can apply to the pursuit of education for yourself and your children no matter who the primary teachers are in your life. These are timeless, boundless ideas which carry weight and beauty and consequence and grace.

I am looking forward to learning more from Cindy next week at Disciplined, where she will share with us about things like remembrance, fortitude, identity, and dialectic power. I hope you are signed up to join us! (And if you aren’t attending in person, I found out that not only will you be receiving audio links as promised… but also video links!! How wonderful is that?!)

Webinar with Cindy Rollins

This year, the Paideia Northwest conference is just a one-day event, with no evening dessert party or seminar or workshop the night before. In lieu of that, our keynote speaker Cindy Rollins is offering a webinar for us on Saturday, October 24th, 2020 at 10am PST. While this was originally intended to be a perk just for Early Bird registrants, we sold out of all tickets so early that we are able to simply extend this bonus to every Disciplined registrant! Isn’t that fun?! 🙂

You will be receiving an email soon with the Zoom link for accessing that live event. The first 100 people to log in with that link will be able to watch live, and everyone else will receive the link to replay afterward. Cindy landed on a particular subject to share with us through this webinar which the Lord has really impressed upon her heart recently: it is the subject of Educating the Freeborn, and I for one can not wait to glean wisdom from her in this vein. What is education? What does it mean to be freeborn? How can I apply this in my motherhood? Or in the educating of myself and my children?

If you have any trouble or questions, please email me at [email protected]

Three Weeks until Disciplined

Three weeks from right now, we will be about to finish up this year’s Paideia Northwest conference for regional mamas raising their kids for Christ. After spending so many months planning, preparing, and praying, it is exciting to be getting close to the event as well as hard to believe it will soon be over. I am finalizing “last minute” details this week, and then will be eagerly anticipating November 6th when I can drive all the conference paraphernalia out to His Place Church, and get things set up for the next day.

I am eager to share surprises and goodies and gifts and food and fellowship with you all. I had no idea we would sell 300 tickets this year of all years ~ please know that I am praying for the registrants. I am praying that you will be healthy, and able to attend without consternation. I am praying that your hearts would be ready to be filled with encouragement and exhortation. I am praying that you would have safe travels and rich fellowship.

As you anticipate the event, please take the time to browse our Vendors & Sponsors page. We are so thankful for the people and companies who rally behind us and beside us as we prepare for pulling off this annual event. It is so encouraging to me personally, not to be “going it alone” on this work behind the scenes, but to have others reaching out to join in.

Our main sponsor this year is TalkBox.Mom, and company head Adelaide will be ready to greet you (in more than one language, I’m sure!) at Disciplined. While I have not personally used this method of language immersion in my home, I am really intrigued by everything I have heard about it and read on their website. Be sure to check it out! Adelaide will be able to tell you more about it at Disciplined of course.

We will also have a brief opportunity to hear from our friends at Christian Family Home Educators and Classical Conversations, who have also joined with Paideia Northwest as coffee break sponsors. The women from these organizations are such delights, full of joy and energy, and I know you will enjoy hearing from them & connecting with them in conversation.

Remember that if you need anything to pique your curiosity or fill your scholé moments over the next three weeks, there are multiple ways to get familiar with the speakers that you will meet at Disciplined.
Mere Motherhood, Hallelujah, Mere Motherhood Newsletters, and Morning Time Handbook are wonderful resources by our keynote speaker, Cindy Rollins — and you can find more of her work here and here. and are places where you can read or listen to practical wisdom from Mystie Winckler.
Sara Wallace can be found at — or you can get copies of Created to Care or For the Love of Discipline for practical motherhood tips & experience.
If you haven’t read Eve in Exile, you might enjoy getting started on that little treatise to the subject of real femininity — femininity that is not a doormat or mousy, but strong and assertive and faithful and hardworking. You can find more of Bekah Merkle’s work at Canon Press.

Peace be with you, coupled with a hope-filled joy, until we meet at Disciplined in three weeks!