Paideia Northwest encourages, refreshes, and inspires me. I love the focus on the Lord, the big picture encouragement, as well as the detailed ideas for the day-in-day-out.

Taylor G.

I look forward to the Paideia Northwest conference every year! Surrounded by hundreds of other homeschooling moms, I am reminded that I am not alone in this work. Rather, I am part of a glorious assignment from God, to faithfully raise up a generation of children who love the Lord and are prepared to live for Him. The conference is focused on the big picture of why we are homeschooling, while also providing specific practical tools and helps for my homeschool day.
I always come away inspired and encouraged.

Taylor G.

Every mom attending the conference in one way or another is choosing to go against the grain, choosing the more difficult path: the conference refreshes us for this journey, it encourages and equips.

Amber H.

I’m always so excited to see how each new Paideia Northwest conference will grow and challenge me. Every year I’m stretched to see things in a new light. I love how each speaker lays out a buffet of encouragement and amazing ideas to refresh, inspire, and revamp our home life and schooling.

Amber H.

I’m always so refueled and refreshed after attending a Paideia Northwest conference. I will never miss a year! I consistently come away with a renewed excitement, not only about my goals and how to practically reach the with all the new ideas I’ve gleaned from the conference, but more importantly, these conferences reaffirm and renew my passion for the mission and purpose of our homeschooling journey.

Amber H.

Paideia Northwest encourages my “mommy heart” each year. This gathering of women truly desires to see Christ honored in their own lives as well as in the lives of their children. The speakers and vendors equip us in whatever season of child rearing we are in, and the worship, fellowship, and food revive our hearts. I’m so thankful for Paideia!

Kammi W.

Every year I walk away encouraged to better myself but also strengthened in what God has gifted me with in my home. This conference has grown in me a love of education, mothering, and community in the Lord. I continue to use the vendors throughout the years. The Paideia Northwest conference has a permanent place in my year.

Kaitie D.

I have attended Paideia NW every year. It is a delightful day of encouragement and motivation for Christian mothers in their work of raising their children well.

The conference is beautifully organized to include inspiring and informative speakers as well as numerous opportunities to meet and get to know other local moms. This cultivation of community is such a special feature of Paideia.

Paideia is not a curriculum fair or educational methods conference, but one that cheers and invigorates mothers regardless of their academic choices.

I always leave the conference refreshed and excited to apply what I have learned.

Kirsti S.

We severely underestimate the importance of being re-filled and fueled as homeschooling mothers, to take time to remember both the importance of our work and the manner in which we do it. The Paideia Conference is your local opportunity for this very nourishment. Each year the conference faithfully offers life-giving encouragement hemmed in by life-saving Truth. I can’t recommend it highly enough. It may very well be the best investment you make in your homeschool this year.

Katie W.

The Paideia conference has been a timely encouragement for me each year. It comes around at the perfect time: as the doubt and discouragement begin to creep in to my ‘perfectly planned’ homeschool year. Spending the day connecting with like-minded new and old friends and hearing the inspiring speakers reenergizes me for the tasks that God has prepared for me and gives fresh ideas and perspective to take home and infuse into our school days.

Sarah G.

I’ve been to a lot of conferences in my life, both as a professional and as a “lay-person” (i.e. a mom). Paideia Northwest is one of my favorites. Its smaller size and intentional structure allow participants to make genuine connections with other local moms, to encourage one another and exhort one another in our common vocation. Each year, I came away renewed, refreshed, and ready to jump back in to the hard work of nurturing my children in the fear of the Lord. 

Betsy F.