Meet Melissa

FOUNDER & DIRECTOR Melissa Cummings, alongside husband Steven since 2007, is a second generation Christian homeschooling mother of five: 4 sons & a daughter (and nine other children ahead in glory). She holds a BA from Whitworth University, which she attended after a life of home education in a Christian family. Educating her five redheaded children (currently preschool through high school) at home in the Idaho panhandle is now her full time work including banter & beauty, culture & cooking, music & mayhem, reading & recreation, trivium & teatime, worship & wonder. And did we mention books? Lots and lots of books. She loves to educate alongside friends in cooperative settings, and has recently loved speaking at some regional events. Never a dull moment! Melissa is passionate about encouraging and connecting with others through writing, by prayer, and in the annual ministry of planning, coordinating, & pulling off the Paideia Northwest conference for mamas raising kids for Christ. You can find her at or anywhere you connect with Paideia Northwest.