In a new venture to broaden our joy and expand our horizons as we pursue, practice, and implement paideia, podcast host Melissa Cummings from Paideia Northwest brings a casual conversation to your earbuds along with friends from Paideia Southeast. Please like, share, rate, and review… and join the pursuit and conversation with us. To the Kingdom!

Paideia Conversations is currently available on SpotifyAppleGoogle, and Podcast Addict.
(If you use a different podcast app, let me know… I can work to distribute the podcast elsewhere for you as well!)

  • episode 1 What is Paideia? with Jenn Discher
  • episode 2 Paideia with Humility and Doxology with Amy Sloan
  • episode 3 Paideia as a Delicious Atmosphere with Jen Carlson
  • episode 4 Find Selah in Paideia with Kristen Kill
  • episode 5 Protecting, Prioritizing, Picking… and Paideia with Mystie Winckler
  • episode 6 Paideia is a Thing we Live In with Rachel Jankovic
  • episode 7 Rest Comes from the Lord with Katie Westenberg
  • episode 8 Plodding Along in Advent with Cindy Rollins
  • episode 9 Advent with our Children with Melissa Cummings, Jenn Discher, & our kids
  • episode 10 The Centrality of the Incarnation, Part One with Anya Harrison
  • episode 11 The Centrality of the Incarnation, Part Two with Anya Harrison
  • episode 12 Cultivating Culture and Creativity with Jenn Discher
  • episode 13 Cultivating True Connection with Your Kids with Greta Eskridge
  • episode 14 Protecting Young Eyes with Chris McKenna
  • episode 15 The Habit of Discipleship with Sara Fragoso
  • episode 16 Wonder, Wisdom, Work, and Worship with Mystie Winckler
  • episode 17 Gathering Wonder with Pam Barnhill
  • episode 18 Wonder Makers with Heather Tully
  • episode 19 The Worship, Wonder, and Wisdom of Poetry with Kristen Kill