We are pleased to share audio files with you from Courage for the Daily, our 2018 debut conference with Paideia Northwest featuring Mystie Winckler, Adam Andrews, and Rachel Jankovic.

Unfortunately there were some technical snafoos, which resulted in both of Adam Andrews’ live sessions not being digitally captured, (We know! To say we are disappointed is an understatement…) as well as missing part of the Q&A session at the end of the day.
We are sharing what we do have with you, in hopes that you will be encouraged all over again to fight the good fight, have courage, take up your cross, and bring your children along with you on this pilgrimage toward the heavenly places. For Christ and Kingdom!

Mystie Winckler, The Courage to Continue:

Mystie Winckler, The Courage to Lead:

Rachel Jankovic, A Mother’s Progress:

Q&A session ~ Mystie Winckler, Adam Andrews, Rachel Jankovic – moderated by Melissa Cummings:

Links from Adam Andrews at Center for Lit (in hopes of bringing fresh reminders from his experience & wisdom, although not the actual live sessions from Courage for the Daily):