Other Events

Previously, we have done some library story hour events, dessert socials, educational workshops, and even a poetry reading.

Coming soon, for those who are local to the northern Idaho panhandle, we will have some local events. Check back regularly for details on those!

August 23rd, 2024 – 6:30-9:00pm – The Nuart Theater, Moscow, ID
Family Concert with Christian artist Skye Peterson
Tickets will be available soon!!! $10 per seat (please feel free to put little ones on your lap), maximum of $50 per household

Skye Peterson is a singer-songwriter based in Nashville, TN. Although she has been writing and recording since high school, she began her career as a musician after studying Theology and being inspired by biblical history and hermeneutics. Now writing hymns for Getty Music and the local church, Skye is also performing her own concerts and hoping to tell the world that they are not alone and that there’s a King who’s worth singing about.
Skye Peterson is every bit as thoughtful and sincere as her songs are. Raised among a close-knit community of singer-songwriters who don’t fit the standard mold of Christian music, she has been long in sharpening her unique gift for truth-telling to an edge that cuts to the heart of it all: who is God, and why does it matter?
The result is a gently piercing style of alt-folk, steeped in the mysteries of Scripture yet concerned with the stuff of a knowable life. Her debut full-length, Where the Winter Was, reads like a poet’s journal, grappling, unsure, yet full of a deeply-rooted hope that calls the listener to stand wide-eyed before the ordinary, where there is more flower than snow, more resurrection than death.

Please contact Melissa for all the details!

November 8th, 2024 – 6:30-9:00pm – location TBD
FREE Parents’ Seminar: Parenting in the Age of P0rnography & Creating a Healthy Sexual Culture at Home
presented by Greta Eskridge

A 2-part event for Christian parents (& church leaders), with a short break between sessions and a Q&A at the end. Due to the nature of the topic, it is recommended that attendees be age 15 and up. It really is intended for adults. Primarily for parents, if you do want your teens to attend with you, Greta says it is a great opportunity to dive right in together.
In this era of unparalleled access to p0rnography, parents are in a battle for their children’s bodies, minds, hearts and souls. In her talks, Greta Eskridge informs parents on the dangers of p0rnography and then equips them with practical ways to fight it. Greta also educates parents in ways to help their children develop a healthy view of sexuality, which is a powerful tool in fighting p0rnography. Parents will leave these talks feeling empowered and equipped to protect their family by God’s grace.
Please contact Melissa for all the details!