Just in time to give you some good listening during Christmas break, or to get your New Year started off with good fodder for scholé & revitalized vision for living out good stories… here are the audio files from the 2019 Paideia Northwest conference for Christian mamas. I am so delighted that you registered for this event, and hope that you were blessed by the fellowship, sessions, vendors, giveaways, and camaraderie-building. I know I was! Please feel free to send me an email at [email protected] with any feedback you have, looking back on Living Stories or ideas for looking ahead to the future.

May the Lord bless you as you revisit these sessions, take notes, and live your stories as vibrant characters in His story. Remember who the Hero is. Cast the net wide: fairy tales, historical narrative, Bible stories, and your own stories. Tell true stories. Tell good stories. Tell His stories.

11.7.19 Andrew Pudewa ~ By Heart: the Goodness of Memory

11.8.19 ND Wilson ~ Wide-Eyed Wonder: How to Cultivate Awe in a Cynical Age

11.9.19 Mystie Winckler ~ Paideia: I Love to Tell the Story

11.9.19 Andrew Pudewa ~ Fairy Tales and the Moral Imagination

11.9.19 Jason Farley ~ Helping Kids Find Their Place in God’s Story: the Importance of the Stories of Church History

11.9.19 Missy Andrews ~ Raising Christian Readers: a Pattern and a Pedagogy

11.9.19 Andrew Pudewa ~ Conquering Corrupt Culture by Creating Competent Communicators

11.9.19 Speaker Panel Q&A