Paideia Conversations has Launched

While it has been a bit of a soft launch while I worked to learn some podcasting ropes and tech practices, as of today, Paideia Conversations now has its first five episodes distributed across four major podcasting platforms… so it’s time to tell people about it! It’s always funny to try your hand at something new, and then to be brave enough to fling it out into the world for others to see. Thankfully, I am not alone in this venture! I am grateful to have the team at Paideia Southeast in my corner on this project. Jenn Discher has done three episodes (one is still in the cutting room) with me, and she is a gift. We have another one planned where I hope to get at least one more Paideia Southeast member on the mic with us. This first round of episodes is pretty much all about discussing paideia with mamas in the trenches: sharing ideas of what a Christian enculturation could includes, which varies from family to family. It is beautiful, inspiring, lovely, sharpening. Paideia is not something we do… it is literally the air we breathe. Or that’s the reality of it, whether or not we are intentional.

Please listen in ~ join the pursuit of godly paideia in your homes and the conversation of personal practical application. Leave feedback for us, and share it with your friends. There will be more interviews in the future, more team discussions, more ideas for pursuit of godly paideia, and more book discussions. We invite you to join our conversation. To the Kingdom!

Paideia Conversations

Have you wondered what the philosophy of the Lord’s paideia might look like when implemented and pursued in real Christian families in our own era and locale? Paideia Conversations is a casual podcast where Christian mamas from Paideia Northwest and Paideia Southeast dialogue about all things paideia: interviewing others, discussing books, sharing their own glimpses of practical paideia around the home. Currently shared only on Spotify while we stitch up a few loose seams by knotting off some lingering threads, please chime in with your own thoughts, suggestions, or experiences. The paideia of the Lord is such a gift, and there is so much freedom. Our intent here is to increase joy, offer encouragement, share resources, pursue wisdom. We are eager to explore the vast array of ideas here. To the Kingdom!