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It’s Really Happening!

After much dizzying excitement and planning, it was really thrilling to reveal the announcement yesterday for our upcoming conference for moms, Courage for the Daily, which will feature Mystie Winckler, Adam Andrews, and Rachel Jankovic as keynote speakers. It will be an entire Saturday of filling up your vessel, focused on how we as moms need to embrace our callings with courage – educating, training, filling, loving the people God has put in our care.

If you don’t know Mystie Winckler, check out Schole Sisters and Simply Convivial to get a taste for her amazing intellect and knack for the orderly.
If you don’t know Adam Andrews, check out Center For Lit to glean from his score of helpful educational resources and godly insights.
If you don’t know Rachel Jankovic, check out Canon Press and their resources from Rachel through books and webinars.

The event will wrap up with a roundtable Q&A session, so all attendees will have the opportunity to have their own questions answered.
The event will also include a catered lunch, and I promise to have drinks & snacks for everyone as well.

The vision is not for moms to show up for a day of schoolwork, lectures, and taking chaotic notes. The vision is for moms to show up with friends & sisters (and to come prepared to meet new friends & add to your local tribe!) for a day that feels like a retreat as your vessel is filled up with joy, grace, and fellowship. The vision is for you to leave feeling confident and courageous for the work set before you, not because of what you learned at the conference but because of who you are in Christ.

Check it out, let us know you’re interested:

And stay tuned for registration to open soon.
You’ll want to get in on the Early Bird tickets for this priceless event.

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