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Vendors Galore!

Have you checked out all of the vendors and sponsors we have gathered up for Harmony this fall?! I invite you to scroll through (and click through!) this page to check out all the wonderful folks and resources that we will get to share with you. Almost two dozen different vendors will be set up to share resources with you and provide a whole lot of shopping options (jewelry, homeschool helps, books, mugs, linen capes, more books, bookmarks, more jewelry, even more books, handcrafted gifts and even some toys).

On top of that, we will have such delightful and fun giveaways! From magazines to CDs to stickers to apparel to totes to books (surprise, surprise)… there will be more giveaways than ever. And I’ve been told I’m the queen of giveaways as far as typical conferences go. I like to stand out as special for something. 😉 You do have to be present to win… so! If you want your friends to have a chance at winning some fun prizes, to go shopping with you, to share a luncheon with, and to breathe deeply side by side as you receive encouragement from the podium specifically geared for moms who need a bit more harmony in their life… send this link to to all your friends!! I can make room for them to join us!!

And in the meantime, do check out our sponsors and vendors. I’ve never been so excited to open the vendor hall… or to go shopping myself between sessions!

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