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Conference Vendor Information

Are you interested in being a vendor at our upcoming Paideia Northwest conference?! This is the spot to find information about that! Read on, and feel free to contact us if you would like to receive the Vendor Packet with all this information sent directly to your inbox.

Although having a conference for the specific encouragement of Christian-educating moms/families in the Spokane area had been overdue, this did nothing but strengthen our zeal: enter Paideia Northwest LLC, now putting together an annual conference right here in Spokane to encourage, uplift, & build community among moms who are raising their children in the nurture & admonition of the Lord.

The idea for the event itself came from a hunger to see a Spokane-based conference for the encouragement, community-building, and fellowship-forming of Christian homeschooling moms, Christian day-schooling moms, and Christian moms with public schooled kids in our region. The primary audience for Paideia Northwest will likely be the Classical Christian homeschooling niche, but our desire is to break down barriers and nurture camaraderie across methods, to sharpen iron together, to lift one another up as we each endeavor to raise children for Christ and His Kingdom. Most of the opportunities for this type of event happen over on the west side – Portland, Vancouver, Bellevue… and for a lot of us on this side of the Cascades, taking the time & money to travel that far just isn’t feasible—especially when we are busy educating our children for Christ in the first place. So we stick to our pioneer roots, pulling ourselves up by our own bootstraps, to get it done. We fall into individualistic, isolated practices far too easily. While we may have our kids engaged in all kinds of things like  speech club, chess club, team sports, music lessons, and weekly co op classes, the need for specific encouragement for the moms (who are in the trenches doing the daily labors of educating the intellects & fattening the souls of their children) remains. This is the gap Paideia Northwest seeks to narrow. Our vision is to provide an annual conference right here in Spokane (with the possibility of branching out eventually) which would highlight speakers, vendors, companies, and products with roots right here in the northwest region of our country—but also beyond, showcasing things that people around here love to use regardless of whether they are homegrown or not.

Our second annual event on Saturday, November 9th, 2019 will feature keynote speaker Andrew Pudewa, along with supporting speakers Mystie Winckler, Jason Farley, Missy Andrews, and ND Wilson. Our theme this year is Living Stories, how we use stories in raising children & creating culture, and how we see ourselves & our children as characters in God’s story.  Registration is now open. Each of the five conference sessions on 11.9.19 will be 45 minutes in length, with a minimum of 15 minute breaks between, and a 90 minute catered luncheon – finally, the day will wrap up with a 60 minute roundtable Q&A session. The conference itself will run 9am – 5pm, but we would like vendors open by 8:30 and to remain open until 5:30. Our current projection estimate is for 250+ attendees this year, but we will have a better idea of numbers once registration has continued for a while.

Would you be interested in setting up an exhibit to share your work, company, or products with our attendees?

We are also looking for any willing vendors to donate a favorite book, their company’s logo on an item, or other product for a drawing/giveaway—in exchange for a notable mention from the podium with our deepest gratitude.
You don’t even have to sign up as an exhibitor to donate products for a giveaway! If you would like to share something for a giveaway, in exchange for us including your business cards in swag bags for every attendee, please let us know.
We would happily include other promo items in our swag bags for each attendee as well, subject to our discretion.

We have limited space for vendors, and are seeking to carefully curate the represented companies and products for our endeavors of blessing homeschool, Christian school, and other educating families as they raise the next generation for Christ here in the Pacific Northwest.

All applications are subject to approval from Paideia Northwest LLC, and we will contact you after your application is approved to make further arrangements.

Thank you for considering partnering with us in this endeavor for the furthering of God’s Kingdom!


Exhibitor Opportunities

The Exhibitor Area allows your information or merchandise to be displayed and purchased. Each vendor will handle all their own sale transactions.

Please indicate that you are interested in this opportunity on the application.


  • One eight-foot table
  • Two chairs
  • Small garbage can
  • Conference registration for up to Two People
  • Catered Luncheon for up to Two People

Saturday, November 9th, 8:00 am – 8:30 am at Opportunity Presbyterian Church in Spokane Valley
Conference registration & check-in opens at 8:30am
Conference runs from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Saturday, November 9th, 5:00 – 5:30.
Facility must be vacated by 6:00pm


  • One table – $150
  • Additional tables – $50 each
  • Additional exhibitor registration/lunch – $30
  • Journal Ad – $25 (half page)
  • Journal Ad – $50 (full page)


Marketing Opportunities


Each attendee will receive a journal at registration.
You may purchase an ad for your company in the conference journal.

Fees & Details for Journal Ads:

  • $25 (half page ad)
    4.5 in. [wide] x 3 in. [high]
    NO BLEEDS, NO CROP MARKS. COLOR CMYK and/or grayscale files are acceptable
    All resolutions should be 300 dpi
    PDF or JPEG
    Final art 20 MB max
  • $50 (full page ad)
    4.5 in. [wide] x 7.5 in. [high]
    NO BLEEDS, NO CROP MARKS. COLOR CMYK and/or grayscale files are acceptable
    All resolutions should be 300 dpi
    PDF or JPEG
    Final art 20 MB max

All ads must be sent to Melissa at [email protected] by October 25th, 2019 to be included in the conference journal. Each ad will be subject to approval.



Click here to apply for these various vendor opportunities

All applications must be submitted & payments made by Friday, October 25th, 2019

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