Registration opens tomorrow!

I am delighted that today can be set aside as a work day for me. I do not often schedule Paideia Northwest work into large blocks of time, but simply squeeze in little snippets here and there as my busy life of motherhood, homeschooling, and homemaking allows. But today I am putting my nose to the grindstone, so to speak. I have a task list, and plan to somehow crank it out by God’s grace. I am thankful that my tech-savvy hubby is available to redirect me when I lose my way on the back end of web pages and Word files! I am also thankful for the friends God has brought me to be my sounding board, accountability team, and encouragement. Thank you, Advisory Board: Mystie, Abby, Kirsti, Jess, & Ashley! You are a blessing. I also have a building liaison for the first time ever, and I am very excited about it. Thank you, Jen! Having someone else as the official lead for the building and its associated volunteer teams (cleaning and snack service) is such a blessing right now.

If you would like to attend Paideia Northwest‘s third annual conference, Disciplined, but can not find a way to fit the $35 Early Bird registration into your budget, please let me know ([email protected]) and I will find a way to get you hooked up with a volunteer team or a sponsored ticket – both of those are limited options for reduced-cost tickets. But I am eager to be creative with anyone who wants to attend, rather than let finances be keeping you away.

I am paying speaker travel expenses right now. I am getting insurance and catering payments made as well. I am organizing swag bag items and planning building set-up in the map of my mind. I am preparing registration pages and packets of information to invite specific sponsors & vendors for Disciplined. All while sipping Bubly and listening to the chaos of my children, with the freshly-crawling baby tugging on my toes. This is a beautiful day, and this work is a gift.

It is going to be such a delight to open registration tomorrow, and see your names ~ I pray for each registrant, and can’t wait to see what blessing & encouragement our Lord has prepared for us this year.

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