Six Months and Counting

We are officially counting down to the 2022 Paideia Northwest conference! It is such fun to be planning this for the fifth time now. It gets both more simple and more challenging at the same time, even though that seems contradictory. I tell you, it’s true!

I love the month of May because it’s when I just start sharing some of the little things… the conference theme and graphic, swag ideas, proposed schedule, speaker lineup… it is so much fun to share my excitement with others!

I’m really looking forward to introducing each speaker in-depth, as well as some poets that I am hoping to highlight in an Evening of Poetry prior to the actual conference. I may end up sharing these things on podcast episodes as well as in social media snippets. I also want to introduce my graphic designer this year, and show you the process of creating the WonderWisdomWorship conference graphic. It was so delightful, and the final result just brings me joy.

Rejoice with me for the good work our merciful God continues to do!

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