Suggested Reading

If you are interested in reading more about paideia, particularly how it relates to Christian education, we recommend the following:

Podcasts on Paideia from The Scholé Sisters

The Paideia of God by Douglas Wilson

Classical Education and the Homeschool by Callihan, Jones, and Wilson

On Secular Education by R.L. Dabney

Recovering the Lost Tools of Learning by Douglas Wilson

What is Paideia? from the Association of Classical Christian Schools

Paideia, Christian from

Virtue is the Purpose of Education by Mystie Winckler

The Paideia Proposal by Mortimer J. Adler

Education Should Aim at God from the University of Notre Dame

Raising Children in the Paideia of the Lord by Erich Heidenreich

A Homeschool Parent’s Musings from Classical Conversations

Homeschool Lifestyle by Mystie Winckler

Education in Life by Mystie Winckler

Paideia in the Principles by Karen Glass

Education is an Atmosphere from Educational Renaissance

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