Disciplined 2020

I am not entirely sure how to process the fact that Disciplined is behind us. It was truly a time of rich blessing and generosity and fellowship: I simply want to cling to it. To have the Lord bring this crazy idea to fruition for the third year in a row humbles me. His faithful provision shouldn’t surprise me, for He does it time and again! Yet His faithfulness does continue to astound me. Please praise Him with me for His goodness! May we each grow in discipline as a result of His kindness in bringing this event together… even (or especially) in 2020.

I am so thankful for the volunteers who pitched in this year. It was such a help to me, a real indescribable blessing. I had a registration table team, a coffee & snacks team, and a cleanup/reset team. So I really just needed to be the MC and final contact person rather than the constant runner. Hurray! My husband was able to be the vendor liaison, which was also helpful.

I know Jen Wilson and Jess Jensen need to be honored specifically for their service and sacrifice. The building set up and coordination of moving parts over the course of two days would never have been so smooth without them. The Davis family is a precious gift, and I’m so thankful for their cheerful and competent assistance with all the things. Literally.
Ashley, Sarah, Jessie, Shauna… you ladies were on the ground helping to make it happen. Thank you! And the prayers and sounding board that my team offers for months prior to each event (Mystie, Abby, Kirsti, Ashley, Jess) really spurs me on and urges me forward. I am very grateful.

We were blessed by sponsors and vendors who really brought joy and festivity to the day. I might switch up the way some of that works in the future, because I’m continually seeking to grow in event planning skills & tactic… but I hope you will not be shy about supporting our past vendors & sponsors. Their presence helps me keep your admission cost at minimum.

The words of encouragement and exhortation from the speakers at Disciplined have really just been a continual blessing. The way God weaves together a story from the panel of speakers has amazed me each year of Paideia Northwest. Their sessions are unique yet connected. And that’s all because our Lord is kind.

I didn’t take nearly as many photos as I would like, but my attention and hands are often pulled many directions at an event. If you have shared pictures from Disciplined on social media, please let me know- I’d love to see.

My heart was also encouraged by the incredible community of women coming together to simply fellowship. During a year where we have felt separated and fractured, the hum of conversation and ripples of laughter were a huge boon to my soul.

As I take some time off now from Paideia work to spend energies on my family and other celebrating (family events and Church Calendar all get pretty busy up in here for awhile!), my prayers are still coming strong as I seek wisdom for 2021 planning. If you have comments or suggestions for the future, please always feel free to contact me at paideianorthwest@gmail.com

I am confident that God will provide much blessings for us again next year. He is faithful!

Educating the Freeborn

What a gift to spend a morning with Cindy Rollins. Whether you were able to attend the webinar live, or received the replay link afterward in an email, I trust that every Disciplined registrant will find the same thankfulness I found — thankfulness that God has made me free, given me free children, and presented me with the opportunity to pursue education as free people.

If you are registered for Disciplined, and somehow the email missed you, please contact me at paideianorthwest@gmail.com so I can get that link to you. This is a webinar you won’t want to miss, especially if you are a homeschooling family. But regardless of your family’s educational pursuits, I think there are many merits to the things Cindy points out: that you can apply to the pursuit of education for yourself and your children no matter who the primary teachers are in your life. These are timeless, boundless ideas which carry weight and beauty and consequence and grace.

I am looking forward to learning more from Cindy next week at Disciplined, where she will share with us about things like remembrance, fortitude, identity, and dialectic power. I hope you are signed up to join us! (And if you aren’t attending in person, I found out that not only will you be receiving audio links as promised… but also video links!! How wonderful is that?!)

Webinar with Cindy Rollins

This year, the Paideia Northwest conference is just a one-day event, with no evening dessert party or seminar or workshop the night before. In lieu of that, our keynote speaker Cindy Rollins is offering a webinar for us on Saturday, October 24th, 2020 at 10am PST. While this was originally intended to be a perk just for Early Bird registrants, we sold out of all tickets so early that we are able to simply extend this bonus to every Disciplined registrant! Isn’t that fun?! 🙂

You will be receiving an email soon with the Zoom link for accessing that live event. The first 100 people to log in with that link will be able to watch live, and everyone else will receive the link to replay afterward. Cindy landed on a particular subject to share with us through this webinar which the Lord has really impressed upon her heart recently: it is the subject of Educating the Freeborn, and I for one can not wait to glean wisdom from her in this vein. What is education? What does it mean to be freeborn? How can I apply this in my motherhood? Or in the educating of myself and my children?

If you have any trouble or questions, please email me at paideianorthwest@gmail.com

Three Weeks until Disciplined

Three weeks from right now, we will be about to finish up this year’s Paideia Northwest conference for regional mamas raising their kids for Christ. After spending so many months planning, preparing, and praying, it is exciting to be getting close to the event as well as hard to believe it will soon be over. I am finalizing “last minute” details this week, and then will be eagerly anticipating November 6th when I can drive all the conference paraphernalia out to His Place Church, and get things set up for the next day.

I am eager to share surprises and goodies and gifts and food and fellowship with you all. I had no idea we would sell 300 tickets this year of all years ~ please know that I am praying for the registrants. I am praying that you will be healthy, and able to attend without consternation. I am praying that your hearts would be ready to be filled with encouragement and exhortation. I am praying that you would have safe travels and rich fellowship.

As you anticipate the event, please take the time to browse our Vendors & Sponsors page. We are so thankful for the people and companies who rally behind us and beside us as we prepare for pulling off this annual event. It is so encouraging to me personally, not to be “going it alone” on this work behind the scenes, but to have others reaching out to join in.

Our main sponsor this year is TalkBox.Mom, and company head Adelaide will be ready to greet you (in more than one language, I’m sure!) at Disciplined. While I have not personally used this method of language immersion in my home, I am really intrigued by everything I have heard about it and read on their website. Be sure to check it out! Adelaide will be able to tell you more about it at Disciplined of course.

We will also have a brief opportunity to hear from our friends at Christian Family Home Educators and Classical Conversations, who have also joined with Paideia Northwest as coffee break sponsors. The women from these organizations are such delights, full of joy and energy, and I know you will enjoy hearing from them & connecting with them in conversation.

Remember that if you need anything to pique your curiosity or fill your scholé moments over the next three weeks, there are multiple ways to get familiar with the speakers that you will meet at Disciplined.
Mere Motherhood, Hallelujah, Mere Motherhood Newsletters, and Morning Time Handbook are wonderful resources by our keynote speaker, Cindy Rollins — and you can find more of her work here and here.
SimplyConvivial.com and ScholeSisters.com are places where you can read or listen to practical wisdom from Mystie Winckler.
Sara Wallace can be found at gospelcenteredmom.com — or you can get copies of Created to Care or For the Love of Discipline for practical motherhood tips & experience.
If you haven’t read Eve in Exile, you might enjoy getting started on that little treatise to the subject of real femininity — femininity that is not a doormat or mousy, but strong and assertive and faithful and hardworking. You can find more of Bekah Merkle’s work at Canon Press.

Peace be with you, coupled with a hope-filled joy, until we meet at Disciplined in three weeks!

Early Birds are Flying

Before Disciplined registration had been opened for even 24 hours, more than half the allotted tickets were already sold. And the Early Bird registrations are continuing to fly. I think you ladies are as eager for fellowship and encouragement as I am! There was honestly a part of me that wondered if anyone would even be interested in attending the conference this year: 2020 has been such a weird (I can not bring myself to say “unprecendented,” ha!) season, and I just did not know what to expect. Well, whether it is a testament to your enjoyment of previous years, your excitement over this year’s speaking panel, your admittance of needing more discipline in your life, or your desperation for face to face community… I now know that Disciplined is going to be a sold-out event.

If I need to, I will get back in touch with the leadership of the venue, and discuss whether we can release another slew of tickets. But in the meantime, if you are considering coming to the conference, please just get registered now. Because I may or may not be able to increase allowed attendance. Snag your sisters and call your friends: send them the link, and reserve your place now.

Also… since we are not having a Friday evening bonus event this year, there are two things to note.
First, is that everyone who registers as an Early Bird will be invited (details in the works & forthcoming) to a webinar with Cindy Rollins where we will glean wisdom she pulled from Stratford Caldecott’s book Beauty in the Word, discussing the role of remembrance in education. How is remembrance different from creation? How is our culture destroying remembrance and how can we combat that?
Second, I would encourage anyone coming to the November 7th event to find a way to gather with friends or sisters or fellow mamas you meet thanks to Disciplined itself to fellowship over food or drink, ponder the place of self-control and habit in your lives, and share conversation together. This could be going out for dessert and coffee the night before the event, chatting about where you hope to gain encouragement for discipline in your own life at the event the following day; it could be grabbing a sunrise cup of coffee while walking along the Spokane River before heading to Disciplined on 11/7, praying with a friend for God to bless your day and open your heart to His Spirit moving; it could be meeting up for dinner on a patio after the event is over, to share highlights from the day and contemplate together what you gleaned (and what you wish you could remember better).

I plan to do these things myself.
This will take some self-discipline of my own. I need to have everything for the conference ready ahead of time so that I can have space on Friday evening for fellowship, prayer, and conversation. I also need to have delegated well so that after the event, I will have the freedom to leave cleanup in good hands in order to be able to contemplate and rejoice with friends after the event.

I have loved putting these conferences together the last couple of years, and am eager to continue with this good work. But as I have meditated on the idea of discipline (self-control, habits, a sound mind) in recent months of preparation, I realize that I need to practice this myself in some very practical ways. I am seeking to do this well. Please feel welcome to pray for me as I continue to plan and prep for Disciplined, as my desire is to bless and encourage and uplift dozens (if not hundreds) of Christian mamas who are bringing up the next generation for God’s kingdom. And in doing this, I ask the Lord to kindly allow myself to be one of those mamas, and my children to be pillars in that next generation.

See you in nine weeks!!

Proposed Schedule

Just to get you excited and eager for Disciplined, I thought I would share the proposed schedule for our event. Things are subject to change, but this is our working document:


8:30 am – 9:00 am Registration & Check-In

9:00 am – 9:15 am Welcome & Announcements

9:15 am – 10:00 am Session One, Cindy Rollins—The Discipline of Morning Time

10:00 am – 10:30 am Break 1

10:30 am – 11:15 am Session Two, Mystie Winckler—The Discipline of Organization

11:15 am – 11:45 am Break 2

11:45 am – 12:30 pm Session Three, Sara Wallace—The Discipline of Emotions

12:30 pm – 2:00 pm Fellowship Luncheon

2:00 pm – 2:45 pm Session Four, Bekah Merkle—The Discipline of Femininity

2:45 pm – 3:15 pm Break 3

3:15 pm – 4:00 pm Session Five, Cindy Rollins—The Discipline of Remembrance

4:00 pm – 5:00 pm Farewell, Contemplation, Fellowship, and Last-Call for Vendors

Registration opens tomorrow!

I am delighted that today can be set aside as a work day for me. I do not often schedule Paideia Northwest work into large blocks of time, but simply squeeze in little snippets here and there as my busy life of motherhood, homeschooling, and homemaking allows. But today I am putting my nose to the grindstone, so to speak. I have a task list, and plan to somehow crank it out by God’s grace. I am thankful that my tech-savvy hubby is available to redirect me when I lose my way on the back end of web pages and Word files! I am also thankful for the friends God has brought me to be my sounding board, accountability team, and encouragement. Thank you, Advisory Board: Mystie, Abby, Kirsti, Jess, & Ashley! You are a blessing. I also have a building liaison for the first time ever, and I am very excited about it. Thank you, Jen! Having someone else as the official lead for the building and its associated volunteer teams (cleaning and snack service) is such a blessing right now.

If you would like to attend Paideia Northwest‘s third annual conference, Disciplined, but can not find a way to fit the $35 Early Bird registration into your budget, please let me know (paideianorthwest@gmail.com) and I will find a way to get you hooked up with a volunteer team or a sponsored ticket – both of those are limited options for reduced-cost tickets. But I am eager to be creative with anyone who wants to attend, rather than let finances be keeping you away.

I am paying speaker travel expenses right now. I am getting insurance and catering payments made as well. I am organizing swag bag items and planning building set-up in the map of my mind. I am preparing registration pages and packets of information to invite specific sponsors & vendors for Disciplined. All while sipping Bubly and listening to the chaos of my children, with the freshly-crawling baby tugging on my toes. This is a beautiful day, and this work is a gift.

It is going to be such a delight to open registration tomorrow, and see your names ~ I pray for each registrant, and can’t wait to see what blessing & encouragement our Lord has prepared for us this year.

Disciplined 2020

I am delighted to finally be entering the phase of summer where conference planning invades my daily routine. Especially with this year being full of so many unknowns, unease, and change, I have been holding Paideia Northwest conference plans fairly loosely. But now is the time to dig in and make decisions! I plan on opening Early Bird Registration on August 30th, and encourage you to jump on that $35 deal (it includes the full day of live sessions, face to face fellowship, a catered luncheon, a curated vendor hall, and the audio recordings afterward) before it expires on September 30th. For the month of October, we will have Registration for $45 (including the same things). Due to needing to make more space and cleaning plans than in previous years, I will be closing registration at the end of October 31st. So please encourage your friends to plan ahead! As long as you have registered, you will receive the recordings – so even if something unforeseen happens to keep you from attending the live event on November 7th, you will still be able to download the sessions and glean encouragement & wisdom from Cindy Rollins, Mystie Winckler, Sara Wallace, and Bekah Merkle.

Please read all about Disciplined 2020 here.
And please check out our Policies page for information on refunds, precautions, etc.

My heart longs to see each of you, and I am eager to glean wisdom alongside you! Never before has fellowship with Christian mamas been so close to my heart. Never before have I felt such a longing to be exhorted and filled. Never before have I needed self-discipline more.