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Conference Details

Is anybody wondering about the details of Courage for the Daily?! There are so many wonderful things in process, and I can hardly wait to share all of the details with you.

For now, let me just fill you in on a few things that I think will really get you excited about the upcoming conference.

We have already introduced you to our three keynote speakers… I don’t know about you, but I am eager to be filled by their words to urge us on with courage in the work God has given us in the raising of children for His Kingdom. Mystie Winckler will present two sessions, Adam Andrews will present two sessions, and Rachel Jankovic will provide us with an icing-on-the-cake session as well. The lunch hour will be full of fellowship, and your luncheon will be catered by Red Rock. There will be vendor exhibits for browsing & shopping, and giveaways throughout the day to spoil some of these hardworking mamas attending the conference. We will end the day with a Roundtable Q&A with all of our speakers.

One of my main prayers was for God to provide the perfect location for the event. I wanted the venue to be as easily accessible to as many women as possible, so easy access to Interstate-90 was on my wishlist, but I also wanted to highly prioritize feeling like the parking was adequate & the location was safe. I want these wonderful women to be protected while they park and walk, and also desire for their vehicles to be in a safe place for the whole day. How did God provide?! Above and beyond. The wonderful people at Opportunity Pres are delighted to host the conference, and we will seek to be honorable guests. It is a wonderful building, in a safe location with ample parking, handicap access, and space for encouragement & fellowship for all these gathering mamas to fill their vessels and be restored for the good work of raising little ones for the Lord Jesus Christ.

Speaking of the children God has put in your care, another thing Opportunity Pres offers are great facilities for changing and nursing your infants-in-arms. We will keep the mamas well-hydrated and fed during the day, and you are welcome to bring a nursing baby with you. I don’t know about your kids, but my kids love an excuse to have a day out with Daddy or a grandparent or a favorite uncle! So if you register now, you will have plenty of time to get childcare arranged so you can come and enjoy this day of blessing.

Are you wondering what time you will arrive, how long you will stay, and when you will be home?? The conference itself will begin at 9am sharp, but check-in & registration will open at 8:30am. The conference will end at 4pm, but you will be able to leave as you are ready – we will have a team of ladies working on clean up beginning at 4:30pm. This will allow you to get home to your family for dinner if you are closeby… maybe even give you time to pick up some pizza on the way so you don’t have to cook! And if you are among the many who will be carpooling a few hours away, it will be the perfect time to let you ladies head out for dinner yourselves and get on the road.

Little questions come filtering in to my inbox one by one, so as I individually answer those via social media or email, I will also try to come back and share the FAQs here in the Paideia Northwest blog. There are still lots of little treasures in the works… and we are excited to have you come alongside us as we seek to build bridges, create camaraderie, encourage community, and facilitate fellowship.

Don’t forget to tell your friends that registration is open!! 

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