Disciplined 2020

I am not entirely sure how to process the fact that Disciplined is behind us. It was truly a time of rich blessing and generosity and fellowship: I simply want to cling to it. To have the Lord bring this crazy idea to fruition for the third year in a row humbles me. His faithful provision shouldn’t surprise me, for He does it time and again! Yet His faithfulness does continue to astound me. Please praise Him with me for His goodness! May we each grow in discipline as a result of His kindness in bringing this event together… even (or especially) in 2020.

I am so thankful for the volunteers who pitched in this year. It was such a help to me, a real indescribable blessing. I had a registration table team, a coffee & snacks team, and a cleanup/reset team. So I really just needed to be the MC and final contact person rather than the constant runner. Hurray! My husband was able to be the vendor liaison, which was also helpful.

I know Jen Wilson and Jess Jensen need to be honored specifically for their service and sacrifice. The building set up and coordination of moving parts over the course of two days would never have been so smooth without them. The Davis family is a precious gift, and I’m so thankful for their cheerful and competent assistance with all the things. Literally.
Ashley, Sarah, Jessie, Shauna… you ladies were on the ground helping to make it happen. Thank you! And the prayers and sounding board that my team offers for months prior to each event (Mystie, Abby, Kirsti, Ashley, Jess) really spurs me on and urges me forward. I am very grateful.

We were blessed by sponsors and vendors who really brought joy and festivity to the day. I might switch up the way some of that works in the future, because I’m continually seeking to grow in event planning skills & tactic… but I hope you will not be shy about supporting our past vendors & sponsors. Their presence helps me keep your admission cost at minimum.

The words of encouragement and exhortation from the speakers at Disciplined have really just been a continual blessing. The way God weaves together a story from the panel of speakers has amazed me each year of Paideia Northwest. Their sessions are unique yet connected. And that’s all because our Lord is kind.

I didn’t take nearly as many photos as I would like, but my attention and hands are often pulled many directions at an event. If you have shared pictures from Disciplined on social media, please let me know- I’d love to see.

My heart was also encouraged by the incredible community of women coming together to simply fellowship. During a year where we have felt separated and fractured, the hum of conversation and ripples of laughter were a huge boon to my soul.

As I take some time off now from Paideia work to spend energies on my family and other celebrating (family events and Church Calendar all get pretty busy up in here for awhile!), my prayers are still coming strong as I seek wisdom for 2021 planning. If you have comments or suggestions for the future, please always feel free to contact me at [email protected]

I am confident that God will provide much blessings for us again next year. He is faithful!

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