With the launching of Paideia Southeast yesterday, I had new opportunities to meet (ie interact digitally in one way or another) the rest of their team. What a blessing to see the unity those women share, and the workload they are splitting. They have said, more than once, how impressed they are by the work I have done on my own here at Paideia Northwest. But here’s the thing: I may not have the teamwork aspect going strong on some fronts here… I do the website, the social media, and most of the planning/prepping for the annual conference on my own… but I have a wonderful team of women who support and encourage the work of Paideia Northwest through prayer and the crucial act of being a soundboard. Since 2018 I have had Mystie, Kirsti, and Abby praying alongside me and available to me for feedback and insight and conversation ~ they are such a gift to me, and I am honored to call them my friends. Since 2019 I have had Jess and Ashley locally offering prayers and feedback and conversation as well. And in 2020 Shawna locally and Heather at a distance jumped in to offer prayer and encouragement.

That is the beauty of Christ’s body. We support and encourage and participate according to our gifts and callings, but that looks different person to person and situation to situation.

I have also had the blessing of volunteers helping at the events for the last few years, in increasing number each year. I am learning to delegate! 🙂 And women are stepping up to bless this effort of serving one another in person. The more we share that weight, the less each person has to carry. I am slowly recognizing the immense beauty of that, and trying to find ways to welcome more women into the work.

If you are interested in helping do any kind of assistance with Paideia Northwest efforts, please send me an email at [email protected]
I would love to find more ways to bless mamas in the Northwest region of the US who are seeking to raise, train, educate, and nurture the next generation of kids for Christ. Want to help with an event? Want to sponsor something? Want to write an article? Want to feature us on your podcast? I am eager to hear your ideas and pursue mutual blessing.

We can pool our passions and resources to pursue and perpetuate the paideia of the Lord in our homes, communities, churches, and regions.

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