Counting Down to Registration

7…, 6…, 5…, 4…

Friends, I am delighted to be counting down the days until I can open registration for our upcoming Rest conference. This Friday, I will open the Early Bird rate of $45, and will be keeping that open through August 31st. On September 1st, we will move over to the Regular rate of $60 per ticket, and if we don’t sell out of reserved space, I will keep that open through October 15th. At that point, I will be closing registration for this year.

This is my fourth year of hosting this conference for Christian mamas raising their children in the paideia of the Lord, and while some things remain the same year by year, some things continually ebb. For instance, as with all things inflating over the last year or so, the costs which I incur for location, catering, speaker travel, and printing have increased – and therefore the Paideia Northwest ticket rate has had to increase as well. My vision is to make this annual event accessible for all mamas who feel the need for this kind of encouragement and exhortation. If you (or someone you know) needs a scholarship ticket, please contact me at [email protected] so we can make it happen! This year, Protect Young Eyes is helping me provide scholarships! (Check them out, and help me say thank you.) Also, if you are even considering attending the event, I would encourage you to buy an Early Bird ticket. You will receive the links after the event for the audio recordings as well as the video recordings (and the videographer did a fantastic job last year!), and $45 is actually a reasonable rate for even just a digital event. My friends at Scholé Sisters and Literary Life price digital events like that, for instance. But if you show up in person, you also get the swag bag, potential giveaway winnings, and all-day catering. I make an effort to provide snacks and drinks that will bless you throughout the morning, plus a catered lunch with plenty of options to fit your personal dietary preferences.

If you would like to pitch in and help at the event (I don’t know about you, but participating in the work gives me a deep sense of joy and ownership), please let me know. I need women to help with snacks/drinks as well as the luncheon setup. It would be a blessing to have multiple teams so that nobody is left bearing the brunt of the work all day long without the opportunity to sit and enjoy the sessions.

I am still open to more vendors, sponsors, and giveaway items… so if you have any interest in these options, please contact me.

I am praying for our speakers as we go through the summer months and head back into a school year. Each of our speakers are mamas of many, and we know that they need to have their rest in Christ just like we do. I know they rely on His strength just as I must! Join me in lifting Kristen, Katie, Mystie, and Rachel to our Heavenly Father. And please pray with me that the women who attend Rest on November 13th would be encouraged in their own walk with Christ, as they learn to rest in Him more and more, and that they would be simultaneously exhorted to continue in the good work of raising children in the paideia (the entire enculturation) of the Lord.

I’ll continue counting down! See you at Registration on Friday! …in just 4 more days!

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