Early Birds are Flying

Before Disciplined registration had been opened for even 24 hours, more than half the allotted tickets were already sold. And the Early Bird registrations are continuing to fly. I think you ladies are as eager for fellowship and encouragement as I am! There was honestly a part of me that wondered if anyone would even be interested in attending the conference this year: 2020 has been such a weird (I can not bring myself to say “unprecendented,” ha!) season, and I just did not know what to expect. Well, whether it is a testament to your enjoyment of previous years, your excitement over this year’s speaking panel, your admittance of needing more discipline in your life, or your desperation for face to face community… I now know that Disciplined is going to be a sold-out event.

If I need to, I will get back in touch with the leadership of the venue, and discuss whether we can release another slew of tickets. But in the meantime, if you are considering coming to the conference, please just get registered now. Because I may or may not be able to increase allowed attendance. Snag your sisters and call your friends: send them the link, and reserve your place now.

Also… since we are not having a Friday evening bonus event this year, there are two things to note.
First, is that everyone who registers as an Early Bird will be invited (details in the works & forthcoming) to a webinar with Cindy Rollins where we will glean wisdom she pulled from Stratford Caldecott’s book Beauty in the Word, discussing the role of remembrance in education. How is remembrance different from creation? How is our culture destroying remembrance and how can we combat that?
Second, I would encourage anyone coming to the November 7th event to find a way to gather with friends or sisters or fellow mamas you meet thanks to Disciplined itself to fellowship over food or drink, ponder the place of self-control and habit in your lives, and share conversation together. This could be going out for dessert and coffee the night before the event, chatting about where you hope to gain encouragement for discipline in your own life at the event the following day; it could be grabbing a sunrise cup of coffee while walking along the Spokane River before heading to Disciplined on 11/7, praying with a friend for God to bless your day and open your heart to His Spirit moving; it could be meeting up for dinner on a patio after the event is over, to share highlights from the day and contemplate together what you gleaned (and what you wish you could remember better).

I plan to do these things myself.
This will take some self-discipline of my own. I need to have everything for the conference ready ahead of time so that I can have space on Friday evening for fellowship, prayer, and conversation. I also need to have delegated well so that after the event, I will have the freedom to leave cleanup in good hands in order to be able to contemplate and rejoice with friends after the event.

I have loved putting these conferences together the last couple of years, and am eager to continue with this good work. But as I have meditated on the idea of discipline (self-control, habits, a sound mind) in recent months of preparation, I realize that I need to practice this myself in some very practical ways. I am seeking to do this well. Please feel welcome to pray for me as I continue to plan and prep for Disciplined, as my desire is to bless and encourage and uplift dozens (if not hundreds) of Christian mamas who are bringing up the next generation for God’s kingdom. And in doing this, I ask the Lord to kindly allow myself to be one of those mamas, and my children to be pillars in that next generation.

See you in nine weeks!!

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