Registration Opens in Two Days!

??Big News!!??
Paideia Northwest is opening registration for our upcoming conference in November, Courage for the Daily… this Sunday afternoon, August 19th!!
Early Bird registration is $30 for the whole day of encouraging sessions by Mystie Winckler, Adam Andrews, & Rachel Jankovic ~ and it also includes a luncheon. The day will feel like a retreat, a time to fill your vessels for the constant pouring out you do, mamas, in raising & educating your kids for Christ Jesus.
Early Bird Bonus: the first 100 registrants will also have the option of attending the Dessert Social sponsored by Schole Sisters on Friday evening, Nov 9th. Register early to get in on that special, sweet treat!
When registration opens on Sunday, the link to the registration page will go live here at
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Remember, that while our largest audience will probably be the Christian homeschooling mom contingent, we are building bridges, creating camaraderie, encouraging community, and facilitating fellowship across methods.

So, if you wonder if this conference is for you – Mama, are you raising your children for the Lord Jesus Christ? Then yes, this day is a day to fill your vessel and challenge you to take courage as you pour yourself out for the educating, nurturing, &  loving of the children God has entrusted to you.

We cannot wait to see you on November 10! Be ready – registration opens soon, and seating will be limited.

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