Rest in Seven Weeks

There is a big part of me that wishes the conference were today. I long for fellowship and encouragement… I long for rest! Yet, there is much left to be done over these next seven weeks, so I will seek to work hard six days of each week and rest for the glory of God on the Sabbaths in the meantime.

Today an email will go out to all conference registrants, speakers, and vendors ~ everyone who needs to know the ins and outs of what is coming on Saturday, November 13th!
We are still gathering orders for the year’s Paideia Northwest Rest tees, but only for another five days. Hurry to order now!
I have some great action items to pursue once October gets here, like putting in the final order and payment for the catering; finalizing volunteer teams; visiting the location to walk through where we will put what. There are always little things to tweak even at the last minute, but planning well in advance makes the chaos of the event day much less, and increases the chance for it to be more restful when November 13th arrives. I am thrilled to nearly be ready to do the beautiful details of table settings, conference journals, and name badges ~ those are what busy my mind and hands in the three weeks prior to the actual event.

There are also some fun announcements coming up at the conference… something to put on your calendar and something to pop in your ear buds, as well as tidbits about the fifth annual conference which plans are underway for 2022!

If you aren’t connected with Paideia Northwest on Facebook or Instagram, you are missing out on daily quotes that are urging our minds and hearts to settle restfully on Christ: who He is, what He has done for our salvation, and how He equips us to walk by faith in our daily living.

Do you have thoughts or share, questions to ask, or ideas to propose? Send me (Melissa) an email, and let’s have a conversation! [email protected]

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