Meeting a Need

Opening day of Early Bird registration this year saw over two hundred registrations. I was honestly not expecting that. But I think it bears testament to the fact that we are starving for fellowship and eager to receive encouragement for the work set before us.

If you began the registration process but did not finalize your Paypal payment, you are not actually registered. So please try again! If your payment did go through, your Paypal receipt should be in the inbox of the email address associated with your Paypal account. Usually, you are supposed to receive a confirmation email from me at Paideia Northwest. But my email marketing provider (Mailchimp) is not functioning this year as it has in the past. I’m sorry! If you are brand new to Paideia Northwest, you probably received a confirmation email. But if you have ever registered for a previous event, Mailchimp is recognizing you as a previous contact, and therefore is not sending out the automated confirmation email. This frustrates me (and perhaps it confuses you), and I am sorry!

Little hiccups happen as an event planner. I have been learning this over the last four years. I’m okay with it. So far, I have not yet encountered an insurmountable hiccup. The Lord is so kind and merciful with His provision! But please bear with me. You are always welcome to email me with questions, and I will always do my best to provide you with prompt and complete assistance. But I am only one person, and this is by no means my full-time gig, so your patience is deeply appreciated.

I have been seeing things on social media as well as in my email inbox, not to mention the sheer amount of registrations in a single day… which show me that I am not the only one who feels the need for fellowship. I need face to face conversations. I need to prioritize my own teacher-work-day or mama-fill-up day. Are you hungry for these things? Please join us for Rest!

And if you (or someone you know) needs a scholarship ticket in order to attend this year’s event, please contact me. I have a couple more scholarships available as of today, and I simply ask for the Lord to direct the women to me who most need these. I love to meet needs. It is what I see in Scripture that Christ does. I want to follow Him. Won’t you help me?

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