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Getting out the kinks

It really is a lot of fun to visit the Paideia Northwest website now and see the beautifully updated facelift it has recently received! I am so grateful to the Smith family from Paideia Southeast for their assistance in getting us across the finish line with website updates and changes. There may continue to be a few things that need ironed out as time goes on, but getting out the kinks always feels like something of a lifelong process. That statement is applicable to all aspects of life, don’t you think?

Unfortunately (or Fortunately, if we take my sanctification into consideration), I have had to eat some Humble Pie about a couple of things relating to the website facelift… like the fact that the website went down just a week after we launched it, and therefore the Vendor Application page was unavailable when it was supposed to be available. We have fixed the problem now, hurray! So I will be contacting those who had previously discussed application requests with me personally, and getting those moving forward. I think we already have six vendor spots claimed and two of the three available coffee breaks sponsored! And I haven’t even processed a single one yet. Ha! As a token of my gratitude for the patience while we get the kinks ironed out, I will have a discount for the Early Bird vendors. So if you were interested in reserving a vendor spot, submit your request by the end of August for a $100 discount! Once September 1st hits, we will remove the discount and plod onward with higher fees. Yes, reserving things early really does help make a huge difference when it comes to things like event planning.

If you know anyone who is chomping at the bit to reserve their tickets for attending Harmony this November, send them here to see the countdown… August 20th is this coming Sunday, so there are only a few more days to wait! You will have eleven days in which you can register for the Early Bird rate of $48, after which we will offer Event Registration for $62 for the month of September… unless we sell out before then. Text your friends in the next few days so you can make your plans to attend Paideia Northwest’s annual conference together this year! Follow all the upcoming updates on our social media, and reach out to me if you find any kinks for my iron. I love smoothing out the wrinkles.

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